Swedish massage – Massage therapy Plateau Gatineau

Tension musculaire raideur cou dos Plateau Gatineau
Tension musculaire raideur cou dos Plateau Gatineau

Swedish massage offers a range of soft and dynamic techniques. The sequence of maneuvers is mainly practiced on the musculature and the joints, the purpose of which is to circulate blood to the heart.

The benefits of this type massage are many! While promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, it helps eliminate toxins, tones muscles and provides localized or general relaxation to the entire body. Thus, this technique is used both for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. The therapist is trained to adapt the rhythm and depth of his maneuvers according to the needs of the client.


In addition, several people observe that the Swedish massage helps soothe the mind as much as the body. It is also highly appreciated for its ability to reduce the harmful effects of stress such as headaches, neck and neck tensions, heavy legs, etc.

In sum, this technique relieves a wide variety of pain caused by repetitive movements, sports injuries or postural problems. It offers a unique opportunity for body relaxation, muscle toning and muscle and joint suppleness.

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